Indian Tribal Art

Sat Chit Anand Ma Priye Web Emporium, is one of the biggest provider of high quality of Indian Tribal Art handicrafts and decoration pieces operational from Rishikesh. Our skilled craftsmen have gained experience over a long period of time to inhibit the tribal art onto our Indian Tribal Art handicrafts. Our vision is long term to be the leading name in the international woodcraft and handicraft manufacturing over worldwide. Our mission is to manufacture in the highest quality using the best certified raw materials, with skill and know how gained only through our in house carpenters of hereditary tradition. We work proficiently by putting value into our production, meeting the highest standards of construction and design with total custom capability.

Our tribal art handicrafts and paintings portray traditional &
cultural vibrancy throughout.

Our tribal art paintings and artworks represent simplicity and ethnic yet colorful which itself speaks about the country’s rich cultural and traditional heritage. Our crafts and painting incorporate both appreciation and understanding of the history and the significance of the tribal art forms of the region. Our aim is to create a commercial venture which would publicize and flaunt the tribal art forms all around the country. We are committed to working in order to provide you with a destination for artistic masterpieces of fine art and tribal art for your home décor or as for collectibles.

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