How Wooden Handicrafts Are Made In India – A Complete Review

Wooden Handicrafts in India

Wooden Handicrafts In India

Wooden Handicrafts in India have been around since ancient times, with wood carved temples in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Odisha where some evidence could be found. Sheesham is a popularly used type of wood while mango, deodar, and sandalwood are others. Artistic woodwork began as a part of temple art and crafts and evolved with time as Indian wood Art.

Wooden handicrafts made in India are famous all over the world for their uniqueness, beauty, and high durability. Along with wooden furniture, wood artifacts also have a huge fan following in global markets. The range of products and decorative creations made from wood is immense. From carved figurines, accessories, utilities, and decorative pieces, the potentialities are endless.


How Wooden Handicrafts are Made

Wood Handicraft in India is done totally by hands over a variety of woods such as Sheesham, Teak, Rosewood, and Mango wood, etc. These carvings are mostly done by hands however, due to the massive demand, it is also sometimes carved using machines. Cutting, sanding, and polishing are done in the next phases which takes a lot of patience and precision. Wooden handicrafts are a representation of hard work and very fine art.


Why People Love to use Wooden Handicrafts

Buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions for anyone, but it can also be a time of indecision when it comes to home decorations. We are looking to make our space look its best while reflecting our sense of style. If you do this well, you end up with a good looking and comfortable home. If you are not able to decorate it properly, you end up with a not so pleasing interior.

A little planning, and by following few steps which are used by professional interior designers with the help of wooden handicrafts you have a much greater chance of success. Indian handicrafts are beautiful craft pieces that have detailed articles and they add to the look of the home and make it look elegant. Indian wooden handicrafts have been into existence since ancient India, where people lived in colonies called tribals and used to make utility items for their daily needs.


History of  Wooden Handicraft:

Wooden handicraft History

The history of wooden handicrafts goes back to almost 5000 years, The first references to wooden handicrafts were found from the Mohan Jo Daro and  Indus valley civilization which is approx 3000 B.C – 1700 B.C. The Indus valley civilization had a rich craft culture as well as an extraordinary degree of technical excellence in pottery, stone art, dhokra art, jewelry, weaving, etc.  These art forms started as an expression of inner creativity but later evolved as a valuable skill. The art and craft pieces were made for multiple purposes such as trade and commerce, luxury and utilities for common people. The journey of the evolution of arts and wooden Handicrafts has moved through various stages involving diverse beliefs and traditions.


Process of  Making Wooden Handicrafts

Wooden Handicrafts have become very popular in India because of their durability and beauty. Woodcrafts are the perfect fit for any home. Woodcraft items look classy, expensive, and have a long life.  Here are few ways which are used to make these wooden handicrafts.

Bend wood to make furniture

Bending wood is an excellent way to make your furniture unique and creative but this process is extremely hard and takes a lot of efforts. Bend wood can add a unique flair and creativity to your project. Bend saw is a special kind of saw which is mostly use in cutting irregular shapes. It can also be used in ripping or resawing lumber into thinner slabs. A bend saw is used to cut multiple materials to give them a smooth finish.

Wood routing technique:

Wood routing techniques are used to cut rabbets, flawless dadoes,  and perfect patterns. Rusting is one of the easiest techniques when you don’t have time to lose. There are different techniques to make a rusted effect.

Color washing:

It is an easy and manageable method to get amazing color and a washed effect on a piece of wood. Color washing is an uncomplicated paint technique. Coconut oil is also used for a warm and easy to take care of the wood finish.

So here were some amazing facts about Woodcraft items in India, If you wish to see some Indian handicrafts and paintings, Click on the link.






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