Indian Dhokra Art & Handicrafts

Using the traditional process of lost wax method of casting metal, we have been able to serve you with appealing and striking crafts with an antique look and feel. The end results of the entire process leads are famous for their primitive looks, enchanting folk motifs and handcrafted elegant forms. The Indian Dhokra Art & Handicrafts  artifacts are highly appreciated and are in great demand in the local market as well as country wide. Over the prolonging years, the dhokra art form and artifacts are facing slight decline due to the scarcity of the experienced master smiths but here from Rishikesh, we are in connection with the network of skilled metal smiths which are still showing greater interest in the declining art form. Using their inspiration from our mythology and environment, these artisans create Indian Dhokra Art & Handicrafts artifacts with different textures, fine detailing and patterns. We aim to showcase and publicize the exquisite, contemporary Dhokra art form globally in the most innovative and attractive style.

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Showcasing Primitive Dhokra Art in Contemporary Style

Sat Chit Anand Ma Priye Web Emporium offers beautiful and satisfying pieces of artwork representing primitive art form on a large scale. We are reputed for providing elegant, premium quality Dhokra artifacts at an affordable price to our clients from all across the country timely. We being a team of skilled, experienced personnel make it sure to fulfill the client requirements on time regarding the artifacts and artwork to attain complete customer satisfaction. The Dhokra art artifacts that we trade are bound to represent the precision, durability, attractive design and artistic mindset to meet the essential client needs always. The proactive participation from our skilled craftsmen who manufacture dhokra art pieces for homes, hotels, institutions, offices or commercial spaces makes it easy to develop and offer such wide and flawless range of artifacts.

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