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Sat Chit Anand Ma Priye Web Emporium, is an authentic Indian Handicraft Store which delivers highly durable Decorative Bamboo Handicraft and decorative pieces in India and across the Globe. Buy Bamboo Handicraft Products directly from our Web Shop and get hand crafted goods delivered at your doorstep.

Our skilled craftsmen have worked over a long period of time to inhibit the art of making Bamboo Handicraft decorative and utility pieces. Our long term vision is to spread the art work of Indian handicraft workers across the globe and to make a mark in the international woodcraft and handicraft manufacturing industry.

Our mission is to manufacture with the highest quality using the best certified raw materials & high quality craftsmanship which has been gained through years of experience in handicraft works. We work proficiently by putting value into our production, meeting the highest standards of raw materials and designs with total custom capability.

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India is a land of multiple art and crafts with some of the most famous art forms such as Dhokra Art, Tribal Art and Horn Art.  One of the growing and much demanded art form which produces a lot of utility and decorative pieces is known as Bamboo Art. Demand to Buy Bamboo Handicraft Products has been growing because of its high durability.

Bamboo Art is very famous in the Assam Region of India where Bamboo easily gets grown and a lot of raw Bamboo can be found. Utility objects such as Bamboo bottles, bamboo chairs, tables and furniture has been very popular in India. Bamboo products are 100% eco-friendly and helps you to feel connected with the mother nature.

Sat Chit Anand Ma Priye (meaning Welfare of All) Web Emporium provides some of the most unique, economical and high quality bamboo art products. Our bamboo art consists of figurines of Lord Ganesha to Tribals, to utilities like Lamps, stands, Bamboo mugs, bangles and much more. We deliver bamboo products across India and other counties. If you are planning to Buy Bamboo Handicraft Products simply complete your Online purchase and your Shipment will be delivered to you in 2-3 working days.

We are working with a mission to support Vocal for Local and Make in India campaign so we can make our contribution to help Indian economy and bring more jobs for the handicraft workers. Handicraft products are also completely eco-friendly so if you too care about mother nature you should definitely consider using Bamboo Products and we together can make this World a better place to Live.

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Made in India

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